Hello Kitty Wallpapers

One of our favorite Hello Kitty episodes. Almost 15 million views on YouTube! Enjoy :D

Decorating your Computer with Hello Kitty Wallpaper - A Look at Some of the Characters

Hello Kitty Wallpaper

America and the country of Japan are two of the top nations where people can’t get enough of consumer electronics, and it doesn’t matter if it’s mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers (or Apple devices like the iPad or iPhone) – people love to decorate their belongings after they have doled out significant money on buying this kind of thing. Personalizing those goods, is a neat way to go ahead and show others around you a bit more about your interests and values. For those people who love Hello Kitty, a Hello Kitty wallpaper is the obvious choice for their devices. There are dozens of other neat ways to bring Hello Kitty into your life, but Hello Kitty wallpapers are the focus of this post.

Hello Kitty has exploded in the last 10 years or so, first coming from Asia (specifically Japan), and now expanding into the rest of the world. Often this happens when Japanese people or other Asians emigrate to places in the West, like the United States or United Kingdom – they bring the things they like with them (like Hello Kitty), and when others in those places see them, they also fall in love and want to learn more. The two most popular markets for Hello Kitty right now are the USA and Japan. The spread of Hello Kitty to America is great for fans of the Hello Kitty family because America is a very large market and this means Hello Kitty has a lot of room to grow.

Another Hello Kitty Wallpaper

Before we go further, we should be introduced to the Hello Kitty characters that are most popular. Of course the main character is Hello Kitty herself, born in England.Her interests and the things she loves to do include travelling and reading, and eating cookies that she bakes with Mimmy. Chococat is the cute black skinned cat (with a brown nose), who is the leading male character of Hello Kitty. He was born in May (Hello Kitty’s day of birth is in September.Then there are plenty of additional animals making an appearance in Hello Kitty, including a penguin called Badtz-Maru. Badtz-Maru is accompanied by his pet crocodile! Also there is a deer named Deery-Lou, who Hello Kitty sees on adventures into the woods. My Melody is a rabbit and a “deer” friend of Deery-Lou, also living in the Mari Land forest. She prides herself on being very honest.

Now that you know some of the characters in the Hello Kitty family, you may look around for images of your favorites. When choosing a source for your Hello Kitty wallpapers and Hello Kitty backgrounds, look for only the places where it features only images from Hello Kitty, because they have the cutest. Enjoy!